Vegetarians Rejoice! Shata Has You Covered!

Vegetarians Rejoice! Shata Has You Covered!

Yes, Shata specializes in the meat, but that doesn’t mean our delicacy wisdom stops there! That’s because Middle Eastern cuisine features so many options that are vegetarian and vegan as well. Fortunately, Shata runs the gamut on all dishes, made fresh, made delicious, for EVERYONE. We offer 4 salad options, including: Mediterranean salad, Tabouli, Turkish salad and our speciality, Jerusalem salad, created with tomatoes, cucumber, tahini, lemon and parsley.

And it gets better. Make sure you try our delicious, stuffed grape leaves, and the protein bursting, falafel specials you will love.

Everything we make is made fresh to order, using traditional recipes, some with a twist!

Make sure you visit Shata today.

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